Del 26 de Septiembre del 2018 al 23 de Octubre del 2019
Modalidad Actividad On-Line
Dirección de la actividad PEDRO SOTO ACOSTA PROFESORES TITULARES DE UNIVERSIDAD (UNIVERSIDAD DE MURCIA), Karelys Ramirez Torres Directora General (BEBS)

Justificación del Estudio Propio

The Online Master in International e-Supply Chain Management seeks to provide skills and competencies to people who want to successfully respond to the new challenges we face today in our society. A new operational approach is required for an environment that is characterized by a structural change in every way.
In a global market, companies ought to constantly create and develop new ideas to have a good positioning and get new competitive advantages. The management of the supply chain corresponds to the combination of current technology and best worldwide business practices. Improving the internal operations, lowering costs and achieving greater savings, benefits and the increase of customer satisfaction are some of the goals that contribute to it.
This program is not intended to theorize about the supply chain, but to develop the necessary criteria to enable you to have a clear, current and comprehensive overview of operations and see how they efficiently and effectively interact in our current environment.
Thus, this program aims to train professionals on having a strategic vision, so that they not only mastered the logistics but that they focused on developing the internationalization of the company, going beyond transport and storage, so that they mastered all the needs and areas such as planning, management and control of logistics strategy and internationalization of the company.
In the program the theoretical approach is used only to induce the student to learn by doing online exercises, such as debates and case studies, which seek the enrichment of participants, by identifying all possible solutions and alternatives to the different business situations.


University Degree
Are professionals, businessmen/women, entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to acquire a new vision and dimension of the today operations in the supply chain. People who need to consolidate and develop an innovative mindset for the process of creating, managing and maintaining companies through a managing leadership.
Experienced professionals, University Students, Management Leaders coming from different sectors: Engineering, Healthcare, Consulting, Banking, Services, Automotive, Construction, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Industry, Public Administration, and so on.
  • A strategic and global vision of the Supply Chain management (SCM).
    (6 ECTS - Presencialidad: 6h - 4%)
    Del 26/09/2018 al 10/10/2018 (15 días naturales / 13 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

  • SCM Innovation and Optimization
    (9 ECTS - Presencialidad: 9h - 4%)
    Del 17/11/2018 al 26/01/2019 (71 días naturales / 54 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

  • Demand, Strategy, Purchasing, Sourcing and Procurement in SCM
    (6 ECTS - Presencialidad: 6h - 4%)
    Del 30/01/2019 al 17/03/2019 (47 días naturales / 40 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

  • Distribution, Storage, Handling, Transportation and Reverse Logistics, Strategic Management of Stocks in SCM
    (6 ECTS - Presencialidad: 6h - 4%)
    Del 20/03/2019 al 08/05/2019 (50 días naturales / 39 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

  • Productivity and Operations, Quality, Work Safety and Risk Prevention and environment in SCM.
    (12 ECTS - Presencialidad: 12h - 4%)
    Del 11/05/2019 al 28/07/2019 (79 días naturales / 66 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

  • Business Game Simulation
    (6 ECTS - Presencialidad: 6h - 4%)
    Del 04/09/2019 al 22/09/2019 (19 días naturales / 15 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

  • Final Master Project
    (15 ECTS - Presencialidad: 15h - 4%)
    Del 01/02/2019 al 23/10/2019 (265 días naturales / 218 días hábiles)
    Horario: 3 hours per week

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